Sue from Oregon
“I’ve had two carpel tunnel surgeries on one hand and the only thing that gives me true pain relief is Smart Lotion . I use it 3-4 times a day. A great thing about Smart Lotion is it smells good so you can use it and not smell bad!”


Joel from Louisana
“I’m 21 years old and I’ve had four knee surgeries. I am using Smart Lotion daily. It gives me total relief of pain, I use it before and after every workout!”


Monte From California
“I blew my knee out skiing in the POW….I have tried them all , nothing works like Smart Lotion!”


Jerry from California
“I am an avid snowboarder, and I use Smart Lotion all the time! Especially after a rough day in the parks over shooting a 40 footer…..ouch!!”


Blaine from Idaho
“I work in the outdoors . I own a hunting outfitting company in Idaho and Nevada.  Smart Lotion helps my arthritis and knees when walking all day after so big game.”


Seth from Oregon
“I’ve been in the paving industry for 25+ years.  I found out about Smart Lotion and after a day of shoveling, I use it on my hands and back and talk about relief.  It works!”


Brian from California
“I got shin bang really bad last winter skiing. It was to the point I was about done for the year.  I just put Smart Lotion all over my legs and I can go all day on the mountain!”